Monday, July 16, 2007

Free Divers Weight Belt

The New Free Divers Weight Belt with the Glass filled Nylon Buckle

At a Glance: The Free Divers Weight Belt looks a little plain, and not as flashy as other weight belts on the market. I am reminded that Free Divers angle is to make practical equipment that works.
(Maybe this why it appeals to me, as I like everything plain and request my new guns in plain black and grey)

The buckle is new and it is glass filled nylon, my first impressions are that it wont be strong enough. But closed inspection and a fair bit of pulling and twisting ... or trying to twist. Its strong, warranted not as strong as the standard stainless steel. But I don't think you will break it unless you take a hammer to it.

First Impressions: I took the lead weights off my old weight belt which was one of Free Divers first belts which I found out at sea one day ...... (it work so I kept it)
I noticed that the new belt was slight less stretchy, again being the skeptic that I am I thought that this was not a good thing.
The lead weights went on fine and the thickness off the rubber belt is perfect, and its matt finish holds the weights nicely.

The Testa: After a number of dives over the last few weeks I have grown to like this weight belt, the 'lack' of stretch is a good thing. It is funny how you learn to live with things. My old belt used to sag allot when walking along the beach and I would have to make it rather tight to not flop around. The new Freedivers weight belt seems to just right.
The buckle seems to have held out and there are no signs of failing. The action of the buckle is good and releases quickly if the need arises.

Overall Impressions: This not a flashy product ..... it is practical & functional. You can get weight belts that have a so called 'better' finish but lets be honest its not really a fashion show ..... well not for most of the guys I know.

In Parting: The weight belts are available in different sizes, one of the few belts that you dont have to cut or punch holes in. So if you are a skinny chap or a larger than life kinda guy you will probably find the right size belt for you.