Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Johri Speargun Review

Leonard Van Wyk 65kg Yellow Fin Tuna -
Shot with a 1.3 Johari Carbon Speargun

At a Glance: The Johri Speargun is a rugged looking gun, you notice right away this was not something designed in the Med, this is a real South African type design.  The gun has a fairly bulky handle covered in a blue latex material over the grip. The barrel fits into a full sleeve on the handle, with 2 stainless bolts to secure it, and has a deep plastic rail mounted on top.
The barrel is noticeably different its not like the other carbon barrels on the market and has a matte finish to it. Maybe they have been looking at Europe as the trend is now tending to have everything in a matte finish.
The muzzle is the standard tried and tested closed muzzle, able to take 2 rubbers.

First Impressions: I was a little slow to warm up to the gun, but after actually having the grip in my hand I realised that it was actually very comfortable and it sat in my hand really well even tho I have small hands.
The mechanism was very smooth and the line release does not work off the spear, but the sear. Which I will eliminate any jamming or problems with the line release not holding the line.
I was curious to see how strong the barrel was so I put it against a table and put all my weight on it. To my surprise there was absolutely no flex!  I had a small off cut and wanted to see how tough it was, so I smacked it with a lead weight. It took a real hard knock before it cracked. I think the barrel is amazing!
Pool testing the Johari Speargun

The Testa: I guess the proof is in the pudding as they say, I jumped into a pool and took a couple shots at a target. The 1.3 that I was using was very accurate, hitting the middle at various distances. But it is one thing to shoot a target, another to hit a fish! So when the opportunity came up to go and dive the west coast for yellow tail I jumped at it.
I landed up using a 1.2 reelgun, and landed up getting a Yellowtail and a Hottentot, both with good distance shots.
 My first Cape Yellow Tail in years with a 1.2 Johari Carbon Speargun and Reel

Overall Impressions: My overall impression of the Johri speargun is good.  Like I said took a while to get used to its rugged looks, but the more you have the grip in your hand the more it grows on you. I also cant fault the mechanics and the functionality of the gun, the mechanism is very smooth and the line release works perfectly. All the guns I used were accurate and there is definitely something about the angle of the gun in your hand that works.
I think that the Johri will be a faithful speargun, one that will shoot straight and will go the distance for years to come. They are also priced right! A gun with a carbon barrel will only set you back about R1600.00 which is really good value for money. I think the best thing to do is try one for yourself.