Thursday, April 14, 2016

Coatesman Compound Roller Speargun Pool Tests

Pool Testing the new Compound Roller Gun
Here is a sneak peak at the new MAMBA Compound Roller Speargun. We tested a bunch of guns but this one way my favorite, it just plain blew me away with its performance.

1000 Custom painted (blue Water version) MAMBA Barrel
Rob Allen Vecta 2 grip with loading butt.
MAMBA Compound Roller Head
Harken pulley rollers
Powered by 3 sets of 16mm rubbers plus a 14mm kicker
7.5mm single flopper shaft

The gun shot through a 150mm hard foam target at 5m from the tip of the gun (6.4m from handle) and pulled a meter or so of line off the reel. This makes this gun not only unbelievable, but the future for compact Blue water spearguns.

I am off to Mozambique now to try them out on some real targets.


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