Wednesday, June 6, 2007

FreeDivers Evolution Reel Gun

The Free Divers Evolution Reel Gun.

First Impressions: This is not a flashy speargun, in fact this one is even void of all the colorful stickers. And only has some grey type down the barrel with a grey handle insert.

The new Evolution rail is impressive- sleeker than the older sleeve, and the rail is even deeper. The new barrel also has internal reinforcing ribs to eliminate barrel flex. The 1.2m speargun comes standard with 18mm natural latex rubbers and a 7mm spear.

The focus however is on the reel, it looks seriously robust! And with its simple design very little, if anything could go wrong. This reel had black nylon braid as apposed to the more expensive dynema.

Short Term Impressions: My first dive with the gun was a good one, we went down the south coast and I landed 3 good cuta 14, 10 and 8kg
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I have used the gun over the last month all my shore dives and have found great freedom in diving untethered with my buoy line clipped off and fastened to the reef with a reef hook.

After numerous dives I would say that there is nothing I can say that is bad about the product. I did make some alterations .... nothing in my kit is standard!
I double wrapped the shooting line and put an longer bungie on to help ease sudden pressure on the spear and line. I shortened the rubbers slightly ... I like a little more power, but thats not to say the standard setup would not work.
The gun is very accurate, the only fish I missed were fish I took fliers at, but everything I had an opportunity to aim at got hit.

Overall Impressions: The FreeDivers Evolution Reel Gun definitely has a place in my dive kit. And at the price I don't think there is better value for money. I was impressed with the reel, so far I have had not one hint of a tangle and the reel cover means you just wind the line in and you dont have to feed it onto the reel like the open ones. Some people wil say the speargun is best suited for reef fish hunting. I beg to differ ...... a 20kg cuta says it all.


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