Monday, June 11, 2007

Mares X-Vision

Mares X-Vision Spearfishing Mask

This has to be my favorite mask, the X-Vision by Mares has served me well over the last 3 or 4 years. I have tried many masks but always come back to tried and trusted mask.

I used to dive with the Super Occio by Cressi but once I moved over to the large vision of the X-Vision I found it almost impossible to go back. And here is the strange thing, the X-Vision has a very low internal volume. In Fact is lower than most so called "low volume" masks. There are some that are lower, but they dont have nearly as big area of vision.

The silicon that the skirt made from is especially soft, and this combined with fact that the strap is attached to the skirt and not the frame makes the X-Vision extremely comfortable. There are many rip offs / pirate versions of the X-Vision but they are inferior mostly because the materials are not the same quality.

Although the X vision is more expensive than some other popular masks I am yet to have an unhappy customer. I can recommend this mask with confidence, it is just the most fantastic mask.

I did however try the "upgrade" of the X-Vision the
Pure Vision from Mares. This was a disaster of note.
read Coatesman's Report

The mask has excellent vision, even better than the X-Vision. But there is a design flaw and the mask leaks. I know that this is not an isolated incident as my supplier tells me that the first batch almost all the masks came back.

They had supposedly 'fixed' the problem but that does not seem to be the case. Very strange that Mares would release a faulty product on the market.

So for now I would recommend the Mares X-Vision to almost any diver regardless of the level of experience.


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